Content Marketing In 2021

 In this article, we’ll take a look at content marketing practices that need to be put out to pasture and what to replace them with, as well as some new angles that will generate and nurture high-quality leads more effectively.
This is in direct contrast to taking a more functional, SEO-driven approach to your content strategy. Of course, you need to take keywords and ranking into consideration, but doing so without thinking about what your visitors may actually find helpful is counterproductive.
Visitors to your blog will have various reasons for doing so. They may have no idea that a product like yours exists, in which case they may not even know that they’re experiencing a particular need or pain point.Your prospect may know about their pain point but have no idea how your product can address it. Or, they may know how your product can solve their problem but have no idea which model or option is best for them.  

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